Accepted Payment Methods:
We accept all payments via PayPal, Credit Card and VISA Cards!


I haven't received my purchase yet?

You will receive all purchases within 10 minutes however this may be delayed if you are not logged on to IndieCraft at the time of purchasing. It may also be delayed if the payment is still processing to our PayPal.

Please Note: Your purchase will not take affect until you are online on IndieCraft.


What can I purchase?

You can purchase in-game ranks, in-game money and over powered pickaxes to enable you to rank up through the alphabet ladder quicker!


What's so different with IndieCraft?

IndieCraft is the only Minecraft Server which gives back to you, our players. By this we mean, anything you purchase from us above $10 you automatically earn a "Ticket". With the tickets you earn, at the end of every month you are entered into the raffle to have a chance of winning a large selection of different products. Every $10 you spend, you earn 1 Ticket. So if you bought something for $50, you would earn 5 Tickets!



However if you do encouter a problem with the BuyCraft Automated System, then please do not hesitate to contact out support team where they will be more than happy to deal with your issues and problems. You can email them by contacting: iKingGlitcher@gmail.com

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